Friday, 14 September 2012

Worlds' End

In his Introduction to Neil Gaiman's Worlds' End, Stephen King points out that:

Nei Gaiman tells us a six part story;
in one of these six parts, Petrefax tells a story;
in Petrefax's story, a member of an air burial party tells a story;
in that story, Mistress Veltis tells her story.

King does not mention that:

Brant Tucker tells the six part story to a bar maid;
Mistress Veltis also tells:

" '...a story about a coach-full of prentices and a master, swept away from Litharge by dark magics, who took their refuge in a tavern, where the price of haven was a tale...' " (Gaiman, Neil, The Sandman: Worlds' End, New York, 1994, p. 134.)

- which is where Petrefax and his master are when Petrefax tells his tale.

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