Monday, 15 October 2012

The Boys III

Needless to say, Garth Ennis' The Boys is not ending as I would have guessed. There is still one issue to go but the big showdown between Butcher and Hughie is complete. Cleverly, Garth had them both physically incapacitated so that all that they were able to do for an entire issue was talk to each other. (Other comics showdowns end up as one big fight, of course.)

Butcher, supremely manipulative, got Hughie to do what he wanted by claiming to have committed just about the worst crime possible. And we did not know that he would not have done it.

We also see supreme manipulation going on with the other guys, the company that had been running the superheroes. Garth knows exactly how bad people can be to each other. 

The advertised cover of the concluding issue shows a final end for superheroes. Will that issue also have a happy ending for Hughie and Annie or will Garth give us something else? I really don't know. 

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