Thursday, 3 January 2013

Alfred And I

The Dark Side of the Lune Goth Club Night at the Yorkshire House, Lancaster, will have a Gotham City Theme Night this year. The pertinent questions are:

How many Catwomen and Batgirls will be there?
Will other Batman-related female characters be present?
Will there be Batmen whose identities remain secret?
How should I dress for the occasion?

The fourth question has been answered. Appropriately, since I am 64 and grey haired, I am to attend as Alfred Pennyworth. Ideally (but this won't happen), a placard or speech balloon would emerge from somewhere behind my head to announce, "Master Bruce is indisposed...Oh, is that the Bat Signal?"

Another guy called Paul, who dresses up a lot, already looks exactly like Mr Freeze even without any makeup but is expected to opt for a female character.

Not attending such events but sometimes standing imposingly near the First Age Comics market stall is Lex Luthor in a business suit. As I said once, "Ben'll be sorry he missed you, Lex..."

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