Friday, 4 January 2013

The Private Lives Of Clark Kent And Bruce Wayne

There used to be a back up series called "The Private Life of Clark Kent" about what Clark did when he wasn't Superman. Let's have a graphic novel.


lives in Metropolis;
works at the Planet;
visits Smallville;
travels abroad;
converses with family, friends, neighbours and colleagues;
in at least one version, also wrote novels;
probably uses X-ray vision and super hearing continuously although secretively (Lois has commented on Clark "zoning out");
when travelling alone, probably does not use a plane but we don't have to see that.

There could therefore be an entire graphic novel about Clark covering a major story like, for example, the current war or the DC Universe equivalent of Watergate.

Bruce Wayne:

lives in the Manor or the Gotham City penthouse;
runs Waynetech and Wayne Charities;
converses with Alfred, Lucius Fox, business contacts and competitors like Luthor;
patrols Gotham from midnight till 4.00 AM  - but a graphic novel could instead show the other twenty hours of his day.

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