Tuesday, 19 February 2013


I dug the first glimpse of Metropolis in the Smallville TV series: long avenues of brightly lit skyscrapers, presumably New York at night (see image). Willingly suspending disbelief, we think, "Superman will fly between these towers."

We see:

a Metropolitan woman putting her baby to sleep in their apartment;
a former employee approaching the Luthor Corp building and asking to see Lionel (presumably, there will in future be an "L"-shaped  Lexcorp building);
Jonathan and Martha Kent spending two nights in the city and eating out to celebrate their anniversary.

I gather that in later seasons the series moves to Metropolis and maybe should have changed its title accordingly.

In the Smallville novel, Runaway by Suzan Colon, Clark temporarily runs away to Metropolis where he works for a message delivery service and delivers messages so amazingly fast that he would have had no trouble holding down that job if he had wanted to. Alan Moore's Top Ten is set in Neopolis where nearly everyone has super powers. For example, the pizza delivery boy has super speed. Clark's temporary job, the speedster pizza delivery boy and the scene in the first Superman film of young Clark outrunning a train both ultimately derive from the single panel on the first page of Superman where the adult Clark outran a train.

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