Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Manor II

The young Bruce Wayne, who is to become the masked avenger known as the Batman, chases a rabbit in the grounds of Wayne Manor and falls through a hole into the Cave where he is frightened by a bat. Thus, there are two Alice In Wonderland aspects to Wayne's career:

falling through a hole after following a rabbit;
later, an insane opponent modeled on, and named after, the Mad Hatter.

The young Oliver Queen, who is to become the costumed adventurer known as Green Arrow, kills a rabbit with an arrow in the grounds of Queen Manor. Queen's encounter with a rabbit is cleverly designed to contrast with Wayne's.

Green Arrow started out just as "Batman with Arrows." Everything was in place: the Manor; the Cave; the car; the plane; the signal; the kid sidekick. Trick arrows from GA's quiver were like techno-gadgets from the Batman's utility belt. Later, Queen lost his fortune, grew a beard, changed his costume and attitude, lost the trick arrows, went on the road and became a different character with some memorable stories, particularly from Mike Grell who avoided any reference to really existing superheroes so that, for Grell's run, the series could have been set in a universe where superheroes were fictions.

Not only have the Batman and Green Arrow moved on from their earlier stories but the kid sidekicks, Grayson and Harper, have grown up and become independent characters. Change occurs in comics universes although at a slower rate than on Earth Real.

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