Friday, 20 December 2013

Be Seeing You...

In Neil Gaiman's "Facade," Mulligan returns Rainie's call just as Rainie dies so Death, who is present, answers the phone but says only that:

Rainie has gone away;
she wouldn't like to say where she is;
she is no longer living here;
she can't get a message to her;
"Be seeing you..." - Dream Country (New York, 1995), p. 112.

Gone away? She has died. Death knows that the dead go somewhere but never divulges where anyone else has gone.

No longer living here? She is no longer living.

"Be seeing you"? The Prisoner catch phrase. It sounds inappropriate when said to a stranger on the phone but this is Death speaking.

Before that, Death tells Rainie that, "You make your own Hell..." (p. 109) and that her life and her death are her own. Morpheus says that about life and death to his son, Orpheus. Lucifer says, of the human souls who thought that they were his, that they belong to themselves but do not like to face the fact. Personal responsibility is a major message of the series.

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