Sunday, 15 December 2013

Character Continuity II

There is more. When young Mr Holdaway drives Rose to the care home where her grandmother had stayed, Holdaway greets an older man as "Paul McGuire." (Neil Gaiman, The Sandman, Volume 9, The Kindly Ones (New York, 1996), Chapter 6, p. 4).

Does the reader remember who Paul McGuire was? We saw him younger in Volume 1. Later, there is no mistake as McGuire shows Rose his sleeping lover, Alex, the son of the magician who had imprisoned Morpheus and thus had initiated the events of the series - although some of them had started even earlier.

Rose meets three old women. One, Helena with an unpronounceable (Greek?) surname, says that revenge is just and that she herself had hounded and killed a man for revenge. So is Helena the Golden Age Fury, Lyta's missing mother?

When Rose flies back to the US, she sits beside a woman whose aunt went to the States before the War and had a bad reputation. That sounds like the magician's lover who absconded with his assistant and became the mother of the villain, Doctor Destiny.

Addendum, 16-12-13: Yes, reading further we learn that Rose's fellow passenger has the same surname as the magician's lover.

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