Sunday, 8 December 2013

Delirium And The Lost Brother

On the second last page of Neil Gaiman's The Sandman, Volume 2, The Doll's House (New York, 1995), Dream refers to "...poor Delirium..." (p. 226). On the last page, Desire says that Delirium cracked and that "...our lost brother..." abandoned his realm (p. 227).

Thus, we now know six of the seven names and we also know something, although not a great deal, about the seventh family member whose name is not used because he no longer performs his function.

The Doll's House works despite, in places, giving the impression of being made up as it went along. Gaiman confirms this in an interview with Hy Bender in The Sandman Companion. Why was Dream in Rose's grandmother's dolls' house before he knew about Rose? The grandmother, Unity, bequeaths the doll's house to Rose before she dies but we do not see it again and the title phrase instead becomes a metaphor - we are dolls for the Endless or they are for us.

We now know that Desire schemes against Dream and that there will be bad consequences if he kills a family member. Much that is to follow has already been set in motion.

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