Sunday, 8 December 2013

Dreams Of Flying

Dreams of flying: there are at least four of these in Neil Gaiman's The Sandman. I realized how many only when starting to post about them.

(i) In Volume 1, an investment counselor dreams about sex, a car, crucifixion and flying.

(ii) In Volume 2, Morpheus flies through the Dreaming carrying Rose Walker who quotes Freud that dreams about flying are really about sex. Morpheus asks what dreams about sex mean.

(iii) In Volume 6, a dreamer realizes that, when you fall in a dream, sometimes you wake, sometimes you die and sometimes you fly.

(iv) In Volume 7, a girl asks Morpheus whether she remembers how to fly when she is asleep and forgets when she wakes up or whether she only dreams that she can fly. Not a bad question. This may not be relevant here but these characters do live in a world where some superheroes can fly. Morpheus replies that she sometimes remembers in dreams but always forgets when she wakes.

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