Monday, 23 December 2013


Are the Endless literally endless? I find it difficult to come to an end of things to say about the ancient Seven although I will not be able to continue indefinitely. A comprehensive treatment would fill many volumes and would have to be written by a committee of experts in the Bible, several mythologies and much literature, particularly Shakespeare but also including his contemporaries as well as Homer and Virgil.

An adequate commentary would have to elucidate:

Adam and Eve;
Cain and Abel;
Lilith and the Lilim;
Lucifer Morningstar;
Suleiman ben Daod;
the Caliph Raschid;
African mythology;
the Gates of Horn and Ivory in Homer and Virgil;
the Greek underworld;
the women of the frenzy;
the Fates and the Furies;
the Roman Empire;
Odin, Thor and Loki;
the Nine Worlds;
the Ragnarok;
the Egyptian pantheon;
the folklore of fairies;
Christopher Marlowe;
Ben Johnson;
the Gunpowder Plot;
the King James Bible and how Shakespeare, supposedly, hid his name in it;
English history;
sailing ships;
the slave trade;
sea serpents in fact and legend;
the Thermidorian reaction in the French Revolution;
Tom Paine;
world-wide funerary customs;
the US Presidency;
Freudian and Jungian psychology of dreams;
comic book superheroes.

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