Monday, 16 December 2013

Gregory, The Movie

Dreams inspire stories in the waking world.
There is a gargoyle called Gregory in the Dreaming.
Rose Walker passes a video shop selling "Ninja Death Squad 9: The Final Chapter" and "Gregory the Movie."

Therefore, a film maker has seen Gregory in a dream? Or - enough people have dreamed about Gregory for him to become a fictitious character, adapted into films? I am fairly certain that these are valid deductions.

The Sandman and The Dreaming comics could contain any number of visual or verbal indications of correspondences between the Dreaming and the waking world. Have I missed any others?

There are other ways that the Sandman universe could be extended. Worlds' End, my favorite single volume, could be continued indefinitely. The reality storm ends but the Inn continues. Rose Walker is pregnant at the end of the series so what happens to her next? Hal and she had had an argument between volumes but are brought together by Zelda's death so what happens to both of them next? And so on.

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