Sunday, 8 December 2013

Men Of Good Fortune

"Men of Good Fortune" is an excellent interruption and addition to Neil Gaiman's The Sandman: The Doll's House (New York, 1995):

it in fact follows from Morpheus telling Lyta Hall, "I have a prior engagement..." (p. 112);
it restores the English setting that I had appreciated at the beginning of the volume;
we see Chaucer, Marlowe and Shakespeare - and will see more of Shakespeare;
we learn when Faerie left this plane;
we move through English history back to the present;
we learn about two of John Constantine's ancestors;
we first meet Hob Gadling, the immortal Englishman, who will play major roles in "Hob's Leviathan" and Volume 10, The Wake;
Morpheus and Hobb are mistaken for the Devil and the Wandering Jew;
we can notice an eavesdropper at one of their centennial meetings;
Hobb refers to two other immortals, Jason Blood and Mad Hettie - and I wonder whether Hettie's appearance in The Sandman no 3 was her first appearance anywhere?

This installment interrupts the serial killers' convention, which the Family Man does not attend because he is fighting Constantine in Hellblazer and the Bogey Man does not attend because the Swamp Thing had killed him. Without looking it up, I think that it was the Bogeyman who said that the famous serial killers are the failures because they are the ones who were caught and also that their numbers are not even in double figures.

Could there really be a secret army out there killing people all the time? I thought that it would be impossible for such people to make contact or to meet but maybe they would now be able to with the Dark Web?

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