Saturday, 21 December 2013

More Real People And Some Quiet Moments In The Sandman Comic

Here are two more real people in Neil Gaiman's The Sandman that I did not list earlier. First, I simply forgot that Augustus' wife, Livia, appears in two panels of "August."

Secondly, Gaiman informs us on p. 146 of Hy Bender's The Sandman Companion (London, 1999) that the dwarf Lycius is historical - and he definitely comes across as an authentic figure although, of course, his memoirs, as quoted by Gaiman, have to be fictitious.

Gaiman also says, on pp. 256-257 of the Companion, that the quiet moments, not the dramatic climaxes, are the high points of The Sandman and cites as one example the day long conversation between Augustus and Lycius in "August." I could not possibly agree more. I have reread "August" more often than any other single episode.

For me, other high points among these quiet moments are:

the whole of "Sunday Mourning";
the scenes between the stories in Worlds' End;
conversations on the ship in "Hob's Leviathan."

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