Thursday, 19 December 2013

Real People Appearing In The Sandman

Geoffrey Chaucer
William Shakespeare
Anne Shakespeare
Judith Shakespeare
Hamnet Shakespeare
Christopher Marlowe
Ben Jonson
Richard Cowley
William Kemp
Henry Condell
Richard Burbage
John Belushi
Haroun Al Raschid
Julius Caesar
Caesar's assassins
Augustus Caesar
Joshua Norton
Mark Twain
Thomas Paine
Louis de Saint Just

Not GK Chesterton because that was Fiddler's Green imitating him.

I am sure that there are more. I have learned by compiling this list.

Addendum: Robert Armin was an actor and is named in the third panel of the page displayed here. One character in the story is "Tommy" and at least two of Shakespeare's actors were called "Thomas."

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