Tuesday, 31 December 2013

The Books Of Magic, Book Three

In Neil Gaiman's The Books Of Magic: The Land Of Summer's Twilight (New York, 1991), the fantasy character, Doctor Occult, guides Timothy Hunter through Faerie and they meet various characters from Gaiman's The Sandman:

Baba Yaga;
a talking hedgehog;
Hamnet, ie, Hamnet Shakespeare, son of William.

In this volume, Doctor Occult is mysteriously addressed as "Melchior" and also metamorphoses into "Rose Spiritus" who tells Tim that, after entering the service of the Seven, she journeyed to the Mansions of Madness where she learned nine songs, eighteen charms and nine times nine names. The attached image shows Occult mentioning the Seven but I do not know whether Gaiman invented the nine songs, eighteen charms and eighty one names to give the character extra depth.

From Faerie, Tim and Occult visit other DC Comics venues:

Skartaris - like ER Burroughs' Pellucidar, a place with dinosaurs inside the Earth;
the world of Jim Rook, Nightmaster;
Hell, where we glimpse Etrigan the Demon;
the Dreaming.

Titania has said that these places do not exist. The Dreaming is dreamed. In addition, Occult tells Tim that the damned create Hell and are freed when they realize this.

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