Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The Parliament Of Rooks III

(xvii) In "The Parliament of Rooks," in Neil Gaiman's The Sandman, Volume 6, Fables And Reflections, Matthew the Raven says that Morpheus is currently inseparable from someone and Eve comments that she is not his type. We have no way of knowing that this is a woman who was encountered in Volume 5 and who will return with disastrous consequences in Volume 9.

(xviii) Matthew, who was previously a man, comments that he is now not a man in a raven's body but is really a raven. Not entirely. Ravens cannot speak English. However, he enjoys eating a rotting rat so his bodily appetites have certainly changed. After watching the first Narnia film, I thought that the Talking Beasts should be made to sound as if they spoke with the vocal chords of animals instead of sounding like voice overs by human actors.

(xix) Eve starts a line of thought "...about rooks. One on each corner of the board. Two to a player...four for a boy..." (p. 222) but is interrupted and does not complete it.

(xx) Abel retells the story of his and Cain's sacrifices from Genesis but says, basically, that the sheep was acceptable because it was cute whereas Cain insists that it was "...a bleeding sacrifice..." (p. 219). Abel also fits the Genesis story into the story of the Endless with Death and Dream intervening so that Cain and Abel wind up living in the Dreaming in their Houses which were the titles of two old DC horror comics.

(xxi) Matthew was a man who died in Swamp Thing. Cain and Abel appeared in Swamp Thing but had had their own titles before that, as did Lucien, Dream's Librarian.

(xxii) Cain, contradicting Abel, denies that the Endless were children in the beginning:

"They didn't even look remotely human. None of us did, back then." (p. 218)

So these are beings who have been around for a long time, did not originally look human and are certainly older than Genesis.

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