Thursday, 2 January 2014

A Chronology Of The Future

Neil Gaiman's The Books Of Magic IV (New York, 1991) is set in the present, which has to mean 1991.

1991-2006 is an unstable period, potentially culminating in a magical war.

Next, "...a war, beating much of humanity back to savagery." (p. 10)

The periods of Jonah Hex, Space Cabby and some characters that I did not recognize. (I remember Space Cabby in the 1950's.)

After the wars, a period of urban civilization and early interstellar travel without any magic.

The 30th Century: incomprehensible technology; superheroes; the return of magic with "the Sorcerer's World" (p. 14).

Magic ends but artifacts like Doctor Fate's helmet remain.

The 60th Century:computers composed of silicon and spells.

Millions of years hence: a small population barely surviving on a dark, nearly dead Earth.

Blue shift in empty space.

Terminus, a castle near the end of time, inhabited by a few individuals each composed of many souls.

Only two of the Endless remain and Destiny enters Death's realm before she closes the universe. (This is a major culmination of the story told in The Sandman.)

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