Thursday, 16 January 2014

Atomic Superheroes

After reading Tolkien's The Fall Of Arthur, I have started to read The Particle At The End Of The Universe by Sean Carroll about the Higgs boson. This made me wonder about how many atomic-powered superheroes there are.

Captain Atom;
Firestorm, the Nuclear Man;
Doctor Manhattan;
the Mick Anglo Marvelman;
is there a Marvel Comics version?

Captain Atom and Firestorm coexist in the DC Universe;
Doctor Manhattan is a Watchman;
the Anglo Marvelman is a fiction within the fiction of another writer's Marvelman/Miracleman.

The Anglo Marvelman has "atomic strength" whereas the later version has a highly evolved body. Is anyone able to write a convincing account of how, by mentally controlling force particles, gravitons etc, a human being would be able physically to control his environment, thus gaining the powers of flight, teleportation, transmutation etc? This sounds as if it might make some sense.

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