Sunday, 19 January 2014


In Miracleman, no 1 (New York, 2014), episode 1, "A Dream of Flying" (pp. 11-19), ends:

Moran, flying: "I'm Miracleman...I'm back!!"
Caption: The beginning...
Caption: This story is respectfully dedicated to Mick Anglo and the original Marvelman team. (p. 19)

Episode 2, untitled (pp. 20-25), ends:

An as yet unidentified character: Miracleman! He's back!
Same character, smashing a desk with his fist: Back to SPOIL everything!
Caption: A door slams shut. A T.V. babbles into an empty room. It has begun...
Caption: And may the Lord have mercy upon us all.
Below the panels: TO BE CONTINUED... (p. 25)

So there has been a two stage beginning. Miracleman has returned and has been recognized - apparently by a super- villain? He did mention a "...YOUNG NASTYMAN..." to Liz while warning her not to say a word because she had already laughed twice (p.23). (I know what is happening here but right now I am assessing how much information is disclosed in each episode.)

Now that the beginning has been completed, the story will continue in Miracleman, no 2. There is a very strong narrator's voice here. Who is it that observes and invokes the Lord on our behalf? In fiction, the author does not, usually, address the reader directly. Instead, he speaks indirectly either through a viewpoint character or through an omniscient narrator who in turn is usually less obtrusive than this.

In V For Vendetta, I concluded that the title character was also the author.

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