Saturday, 4 January 2014

Comics Appreciation

I think that to be able to blog about Neil Gaiman's The Sandman and related works is the summit of comics appreciation. By related works, I mean:

Gaiman's other comics set in the DC universe;
Alan Moore's DC universe works, particularly his run on Swamp Thing and his Phantom Stranger Secret Origins story;
Rick Veitch's Swamp Thing;
Jamie Delano's John Constantine: Hellblazer;
Mike Carey's Lucifer and related fantasies.

I have said before that such comics are islands of quality in an ocean of quantity. In addition to the quantity-quality antithesis, oceanic waves symbolize changing continuity in transient periodicals whereas fixed islands symbolize the enduring content of collected and permanently-in-print graphic fiction. There are enough volumes of the latter to comprise an immense fictional universe that can be read and reread in isolation from its even vaster environment, although it can also echo the latter as demonstrated in earlier posts.

One comic writer described current (dis)continuity as a "quantum foam" in which it is impossible to create coherent narratives.

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