Friday, 17 January 2014

Four Successive Cessations Of Publication

(i) Captain Marvel.
(ii) Mick Anglo's Marvelman.
(iii) The Warrior Marvelman.
(iv) The Eclipse Miracleman.

(iii) and (iv) differ significantly from (i) or (ii).

First, in (iii) and (iv), it was a serial, not a series, that was discontinued. Thus, the readers were left wondering what was to have happened next.

Secondly, it was the same serial, begun in Warrior, then reprinted and continued by Eclipse. Despite their names, the Warrior Marvelman is identical with the Eclipse Miracleman, not with Mick Anglo's Marvelman.

Thirdly, this single serial is of considerably higher quality than either of the preceding series. It deserves to be republished, which is happening, and also to be completed, which hopefully will happen. The original writer, interrupted by the termination of Warrior, concluded his narrative for Eclipse. However, his successor, Neil Gaiman, was interrupted by the termination of Eclipse. After an interminable wait, we might at last learn what happens next and how Gaiman concludes his narrative.

Meanwhile, the original superhero, Superman, has been continuously in publication since June 1938 and his main imitator, Captain Marvel, put out of business by Superman's publishers, was revived by them but neither of these characters has received the same in depth treatment given to Captain Marvel's successor. Mick Anglo's Marvelman has been redeemed as a "para-reality program," thus a fiction within the fiction, of his successor.

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