Saturday, 4 January 2014

Hold Me

John Constantine: Hellblazer no 27 was "Hold Me" by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean. This story covers a bunch of stuff.

Comics Continuity

(i) Earlier in the Hellblazer series, Constantine's good friend, Ray Monde, was murdered so, now, a year later, Ray's friends party. Of course they do but I would not have thought of that if asked to plot a Hellblazer story.

(ii)  As in Gaiman's The Books Of Magic, Constantine refers obliquely to the demon blood that he had acquired under the first Hellblazer script writer, Jamie Delano.

(iii) He also refers to his then recent help to the Swamp Thing and Abby. How were they to have a child when Swampy's body is vegetable and Abby's is human? Well, John's body is human... Thus, Gaiman's Midnight Days presents a pregnant Abby and a cryptic remark by Constantine but, for the intermediate story, we must consult Rick Veitch's Swamp Thing and Jamie Delano's John Constantine: Hellblazer.

Current Reality
The story refers to racism, homelessness, public spending cuts, homosexuality, AIDS and personal relationships and there is a Freudian slip.

Constantine lays a ghost - in a way that makes the point about personal relationships: "Hold me..."

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