Saturday, 18 January 2014


In Marvel Comics Miracleman, no 1 (New York, 2014), Michael Moran sees:

YLNO (p. 16)

-and whispers, "...Kimota..." (p. 17).

Then, everything changes, for him and, before long, for the world. Something happens that, as far as he remembers, has happened before only in his recurring dream.

For the first five pages of the story (pp. 12-16), he had lived in the same world as you and me. Sure, he later learns of secret events in the fifties and sixties but there are always secret events. Maybe some real world conspiracists could be persuaded that the British government really did grow a superhero family with alien technology in the fifties?

The replacement of Moran's body by Miracleman's involves an enormous release of energy, almost an explosion, so, of course, the terrorist who was dragging Moran past the glass door is burned and blinded. That follows from the premise. Much later, an orphanage bully in even closer physical contact with Johnny Bates will suffer even greater physical injury and Bates, superpowered, will not let him live in any case.

Beings of such power would change the world by their very existence and that is what will happen in this comic book.

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