Monday, 14 April 2014

Creations, Crises And A Crux

(i) During the Crisis on Infinite Earths, an anti-material being destroys all but five universes, then the surviving five merge.

Supernatural consequences:

post-Crisis confusion enables male witches to conjure from Chaos the Original Darkness that was before the Creation in the hope that It will destroy Heaven whereas instead the plant elemental effects a reconciliation between the Darkness and the Light;

Hitler uses the Spear of Destiny, which has magical powers because it pierced Christ's side on the cross, to initiate the Ragnarok but the Justice Society of America merges with the Aesir so that their combined superheroic and divine powers make the battle on the plain of Vigrid cyclical instead of climactic.

(ii) The Time Trapper creates a pocket universe, thus accounting for Superboy, who no longer exists in the post-Crisis universe.

(iii) The Inn of the Worlds' End continues to coexist with many universes although not as many as before.

(iv) Lucifer creates a second universe.

(v) Lucifer's father abandons the first universe which therefore begins to unravel in the Crux.

Supernatural consequences:

Lucifer prevents two Titans from usurping God's role;

Fenris Wolf tries to ensure and hasten cosmic destruction by watering Yggdrasil with fratricidal blood, then later by smashing the throne of God;

Christopher Rudd leads an army of demons and damned out of Hell;

an alliance of old powers destroys the angelic Silver City during the Second War in Heaven.

(vi) Lucifer's niece, Elaine Belloc, creates a third universe, then merges the three, thus counteracting the unraveling.

(vii) Elaine's new composite universe has no Hell whereas John Constantine's universe retains a Hell so his universe has diverged from Elaine's.

(viii) An Infinite Crisis redivides the earlier post-Crisis universe into fifty two, including the Watchmen universe.

This long narrative sequence, the work of several authors, is based on many more. Does it make sense? A single story may have cosmic consequences but a succession of such stories causes cosmic chaos.

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