Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Nick Fury, Director of SHIELD

Nick Fury, having lunch overlooking Chelsea Piers in New York with Bruce Banner, says that:

half the other diners are highly decorated undercover agents;
his and Banner's food is tested by company bacteriologists;
all of his own clothes have been destroyed and replaced with garments full of mikes and cameras;
"Every word we're saying now is being taped, typed and analyzed by two hundred linguistics professors beneath a Starbucks in downtown Oregon." 
- Mark Millar, The Ultimates (New York, 2002), p. 35.

Why the extensive linguistic analysis? Does SHIELD think it is possible that:

Fury has been replaced by a duplicate?
he is being mentally controlled?
Banner is an imposter and potential assassin?
what they are saying now may be so important later that it is necessary to know of any possible hidden meanings or coded messages immediately?

Any anomalies in speech patterns might alert the linguistic experts to duplication or mental control? - but two hundred professors still seems excessive.

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