Friday, 18 April 2014


In The Ultimates, after the super-terrorist invasion of the United States has been defeated, Hank Pym claims to have joined the invasion with his Ultron robots only in order to infiltrate the invaders.

However, while the invasion was in progress, he warned its leaders that they would not be safe as long as Steve Rogers was free. Further, he knew who the traitor in the Ultimates was but pretends that he did not. Thus, he is lying and is deservedly imprisoned beneath the Triskelion like Banner and Thor before him - although, in Thor's case, this was undeserved.

The traitor was the Black Widow. She reminds Stark that she started as KGB and says that she wanted to cripple the US because it had crippled Russia - but did she really want pre-1989 Russia back?

I find two points of comparison with Garth Ennis' The Boys:

supes replacing the military;
some characters wanting the old Russia back - Ennis' Billy Butcher hates supes except the Russian ones, apparently because they were uncorrupted.

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