Saturday, 3 May 2014

Early Hellblazer

I have just reread Jamie Delano's John Constantine: Hellblazer up to and including the opening installment of The Fear Machine. This involved reading the first DC trade paperback, followed by the Titan Books black and white reprints, Volumes Three and Four. These two sequences overlap by one installment.

I have also reread The Fear Machine and The Family Man relatively recently so that leaves only the Golden Boy storyline from Delano's run. I am now rereading Garth Ennis' opening storyline, Dangerous Habits. Those were the days when a lot of monthly comics were of consistently high quality in writing and visuals.

Delano's high points:

Vietnamerica - prayers bring the dead soldiers back and they attack their home town;
the demon Nergal wonders, "Why is it always the most primitive, stupid zones that are strategically important. Earth is such a provoking place...";
a prophecy is engraved on a stone dredged up from Hell!;
Ritchie tries to get back in his body after it has spontaneously combusted!


  1. There's a Diggle Hellblazer short knocking around. More info here
    and there's a Hellblazer TV series being made in the US, which presumably we'll get here at some point.

  2. There's another short due to be released in 2015. Details here

  3. And to cap off Delano's run, you have to have the Mucous Membrane track "Venus of the Hardsell."