Sunday, 24 May 2015

Name Games

In Alan Moore's and Dave Gibbon's Watchmen (London, 1987), the news vendor misremembers two superhero names as "SUPER-MAN, FLASH-MAN..." (Chapter III, p. 25, panel 3). Of course, the names were really Superman and The Flash. However, "Spider-man" is always written with a hyphen to prevent confusion with Superman. Further, there is a literary character called "Flashman."

The journalist, Doug Roth, refers to Adrian Veidt/Ozymandias as "Ozyman...whoops. Uh-huh. We don't call him that anymore, do we? The mask is gone..." ("AFTER THE MASQUERADE: Superstyle and the art of humanoid watching." (p. 8) IN Watchmen.)

By interrupting "Ozymandias," Moore generates another "" name, implying an origin in Oz or Australia.

Thus, Alan Moore manages to play several games with superhero names.

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