Thursday, 11 June 2015

The Hard Goodbye Film

I have now watched "The Hard Goodbye" in Frank Miller's Sin City film. The film is a genuine anthology with its own internal continuity. We see an 11 year old Nancy and then an exotic dancer called Nancy before we learn that they are the same person eight years apart. It is good to see her again in the intermediate episode.

We have to laugh at some of the absurd and implausible violence. Marv survives being knocked over by a speeding car twice in quick succession, can take any number of bullets or blows to the head and even survives the first jolt on the electric chair. Nevertheless, like Hartigan in "That Yellow Bastard," he winds up dead.

Marv was arrested, or rather filled with bullets, at the scene of a murder immediately after committing it so why was it necessary to force a confession from him? These police sure are corrupt, threatening to kill Marv's mother.

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