Monday, 26 December 2016

Changes In Comics

Contrast the first appearance of Green Arrow (see image) with Mike Grell's captions and dialogue:

"Autumn is my favorite time of year.
"It has been since I was a kid.
"There's a freshness in the chill air, after the summer heat. A tinge of smoke as the coming winter fans the leaves of flame.
"A season of change.
"Knowing that in a few days you'll have eaten enough candy to make you sick."
-Green Arrow 25 (Oct 89), p. 11.

When Green Arrow wonders where Robin Hood, Marian, Little John and Tuck are now, he hears:

"Where they have always the heart of the greenwood."
-Green Arrow 26 (Nov 89), p. 9.

When he asks, "Who - -?" he hears:

"My name doesn't matter- -men have little use for me now.
"Men abandon their gods as readily as they embrace them.
"It's not like the old days when Robin and his merry band roamed the forest, seeking adventure and justice.
"The days of the longbow are all but gone.
"But here in the greenwood they live on.
"With each spring they are born again in the heart of the GREAT MOTHER.
"The leaves whisper their names and the wind is touched with their laughter.
"Bold Robin.
"Merry Tuck.
"Faithful Little John.
"The hunting horn echoes down the ages, but only a few hear the call."

GA and the reader can now see Hern and the merry band.

GA: "You speak as if you knew them."

The voice: "They were my sons...
"They were your brothers.
"I called them as I call you.
"Their choice was the same as yours...adventure and death, or boredom and contentment.
"For the bold there is no choice, really.
"One day the trees will speak your name.
"Though men forget, the forest remembers.
"But there is one who hasn't forgotten the old ways.
"She has awakened me from my long sleep.
"Even now she waits in the grove to celebrate the New Year.
"The coming of winter...
"...the time of HERN THE HUNTER."
-Green Arrow 26, pp. 11-15.

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