Thursday, 31 May 2018

Infinity War

The idea of killing half the cosmic population to prevent cosmic overpopulation is absurd. Try utilizing all stellar energy first. Also, people in affluent societies control family size.

What is good is how Marvel has combined all these characters in a single continuity comprising so far nineteen feature films and one TV series.

Apparently, the symbol on Nick Fury's phone refers to a Marvel Comics female Captain Marvel. There is a distinguished literary sequence:

Hugo Danner in Gladiator by Philip Wylie;
Fawcett Comics Captain Marvel;
Mick Anglo's Marvelman;
Alan Moore's Marvelman.

This sequence has many offshoots, including Marvel Comics Captains Marvel.

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

El Jabato

"In the 1950s and 1960s, the most popular comic books in Spain weren't about Superman and Spiderman - they told of the adventures of El Jabato, an imaginary ancient Iberian hero who fought against the Roman oppressors."
-Yuval Noah Harari, Sapiens: A Brief History of Mankind (London, 2014), Chapter 11, p. 211.

An addendum relevant to Poul Anderson Appreciation: Ancient anti-Roman freedom fighters, including the fictional individual, El Jabato, and the inhabitants of the historical town of Numantia, are regarded in Spain as symbols of national independence. The Numantians were defeated by the Roman general, Scipio Aemilianus, who had previously levelled Carthage. Delenda Est Carthago. All history is one story.

Saturday, 9 December 2017

The League IV

JSA: the original superhero team.
JLA: a revival.
Infinity Inc: the JSA's children.
Titans: the JLA's junior partners.
Freedom Fighters: a team encountered during a JLA-JSA team-up.
Helix: JSA-inspired opponents of II.
All Star Squadron: all the WWII heroes.
Young All-Stars: post-Crisis replacements of the main JSAers.
Young Allies: WWII allies of the Young All-Stars.

All superheroes, and therefore all superhero teams, are successors of Superman. The Legion of Superheroes are also successors of Superboy, who was "Superman as a Boy."

The League III

The Justice League was a revival of the Justice Society, the first super-hero team, which started in 1940 and had several off-shoots:

the Justice League
the Teen Titans
the Freedom Fighters
Infinity Inc
the All Star Squadron
the Young All-Stars
the Young Allies

More than you might think.

The League II

See The League.

Another way of putting it is that -

(i) The original JLA membership plus one early recruit equals:

2 Greek myths;
2 cosmic forces;
2 extraterrestrial exiles;
2 non-super-powered heroes.

(ii) Each of the two non-super-powered heroes founded and funded the League in a different screen adaptation.

That summarizes:

the original comics version;
one TV version;
the current cinema version.

From 1960 to 2017.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

The League

The original JLA members were:

two Greek myths, an Amazon and an Atlantean;
two cosmic forces, speed and light;
two extraterrestrial exiles, a Martian and a Kryptonian;
one masked avenger, soon to be joined by one costumed adventurer.

Arguably, the non-super-powered avenger and adventurer do not belong in a superhero team but there is another perspective. Launching the League required someone with money. In Smallville, that is Queen. In the films, it is Wayne. The Justice League film includes an evocative scene where Wayne inquires about "the Aquaman."  

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Thor: Ragnarok

A new meaning of "Ragnarok": Surtr alone destroys only Asgard.

The mythological Hela has one side of her body alive and the other rotting.

Spaceships should not be able to get into Asgard. It is a different kind of place.

I don't think humor is appropriate.

Might there be a connection between Valkyries and Amazons? (The Justice League trailer was shown.)

There was a scene during the credits and another at the end. The end scene was an anti-climax.

Thor lost his hammer and an eye and is now King of the Aesir (not Asgardians) but in a spaceship, not in Asgard.

Odin is dead but can still intervene from beyond?

Banner is permanently Hulk?