Saturday, 14 January 2017

Smallville: Toxic

Smallville: "Toxic" gives us the Smallville versions of:

Ollie on the island;
what happened to Ollie's parents.

Ollie survived for two, not five, years on the island, then there were other people there, totally different from any other version. Much later, when he knows Clark in Metropolis, Ollie is given evidence that Lionel Luthor had murdered his parents.

Luthorcorp owns the Daily Planet but why does the Luthorcorp CEO base herself in the Planet building instead of in the Luthorcorp building?

Smallville seems to be treated as a suburb of Metropolis. We have already been told that, from a high enough point, the city is visible from the town, like looking into the future.

From Starling City And The Island Back To Smallville And Metropolis

On dvds, I have gone from Arrow, Season One, final episode, to Smallville, Season Eight, episode 1. On the island, Ollie kills Fyres who had killed Shado's father.

In Starling City:

the good guys switch off the Undertaking device just in time but there is another device;
Ollie saves the Glades but not the East Side of the City;
Glades residents loot before escaping;
Moira is arrested;
Martin Merlyn has been publically exposed by Moira and defeated by Ollie - but is he arrested or does he escape?;
Ollie and Laurel are back together;
Tommie dies saving Laurel.

In Smallville:

the scenery and action make it look more like a feature film than a TV episode;
the Martian Manhunter gets Clark's powers back for him but loses his own but they will have to return;
with Lionel dead and Lex missing, there is a new acting Luthorcorp CEO;
Chloe has lost her healing power but gained enhanced intelligence (?);
there are versions of Ollie and Dinah different from those in Arrow;
there is a proto-JLA, as in the DC movieverse;
this JLA is Ollie, Dinah, Clark, Arthur Curry, Cyborg, Bart and the Martian Manhunter;
they are saboteurs/terrorists to Luthorcorp;
Clark leaves the farm and starts at the Planet but is not yet in costume.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Arrow: Season One

The Hood can be Oliver Queen or John Diggle. It seems that there was no Black Canary before there was a Hood. Despite his almost super-heroic strength and martial arts skills, Oliver meets his match in Merlyn who becomes the fifth person to know that Oliver is the Hood. Oliver thinks that he will hang up the Hood after preventing the Undertaking and therefore gets back together with Laurel. I have yet to watch the last episode.

I first encountered Green Arrow in a comic book and Blackhawk in a cinema serial, both in the 1950s. Now there is a Blackhawk security firm in an Arrow TV series. There is also a Coast City, Central City and Bludhaven but there might not be a Metropolis since Supergirl, and therefore also Superman, is in a different universe.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017


Mike Grell's Green Arrow became a killer whereas the vigilante in Arrow kills from the beginning, having learned it on the island.

Both the masked vigilante of Gotham City and the hooded vigilante of Starling City are strong, fast and skilled enough to defeat any number of opponents without apparent effort. This puts them in a category intermediate between heroes and superheroes.

In Smallville and Arrow, flashbacks to years ago show the actors as much younger. Is this CGI?

The third last episode of Arrow Season One shows the Queen's Gambit departing and Merlyn's instrument of ethnic cleansing arriving.

Monday, 9 January 2017

A Changing Origin Story

Originally, Oliver Queen learned archery on a mesa but later it was changed to an island.

The Longbow Hunters summarized the island origin story and introduced two new ongoing characters, Shado and Eddie Fyers.

The Year One Annual put one other person on the island.

GAY1 put a lot of other people on the island; Ollie lied when he said he was alone.

Arrow put a different large group of people on the island, including among them Shado and a different version of Fyers. Shado teaches Ollie archery. Arrow also made Queen's motivation more like that of the Batman. The hooded archer vigilante is an avenger, not an adventurer. He is fulfilling his dead father's last wish and is targeting a list of named criminals, not crime in general. The Batman's only specific target was Joe Chill. In Arrow, Queen goes straight to a hood without a mask but nevertheless conceals his face.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Origins And Essences

Superman has to be strong and fast and to wear a recognizable version of the familiar costume. Flight became an essential power very early. I do not think that an extraterrestrial origin is essential. In Smallville, Clark Kent could be a meteor freak.

The Batman has to:

see his parents shot dead in front of him at the age of five;
train hard for twenty years;
be inspired by a bat flying through the window;
dress like a bat to fight crime;
hang out in the Cave -

- but why did Joe Chill not kill the witness, Bruce?

Wonder Woman has to be a super-strong Amazon.

Aquaman has to be amphibious and strong and fast under water but not necessarily Atlantean.

The Flash would be nothing without speed but his top speed can vary a lot.

The Martian Manhunter has to be a Martian with unusual powers.

Oliver Queen:

has to get off a yacht and onto an island where he will learn archery and survival skills;
falls and swims or is thrown and floats or escapes in a lifeboat when the sabotaged yacht sinks;
is alone or very far from alone on the island;
is self-taught or taught;
in the Year One Annual, escapes from one island only to land on another;
in Arrow, returns to a complicated family scenario that did not exist in previous versions.