Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Stages In The Development Of Kryptonite

(i) The original green Kryptonite that weakens and kills Kryptonians.

(ii) Red Kryptonite with bizarre, unpredictable effects.

(iii) Other colors with different effects.

(iv) The Smallville meteorites that not only weaken Kryptonians but also empower Terrestrials.

Smallville has made a major addition to the mythology.

Addenda: In Superman 3, artificial Kryptonite is green but has red effects.

Here, I suggest an alternative Superman origin story, that the pregnant Martha Kent was at ground zero during the meteor strike...

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Smallville: Beginnings

I rewatched the very first dvd. We see familiar people and places for the very first time. We see Lionel reading the Planet with a headline about the disappearance of the Queen Industries CEO. Then we see him talking to a guy who must be Pete's father.

Everyone looks younger. Life is simpler. Innocence will be lost. This image is iconic about Clark and Lex. Martha says that, wherever the child's parents are, they are not in Kansas: Wizard Of Oz reference.

The whole trip about meteors not only weakening Clark but also empowering others starts. Smallville High has a Principal who will later be killed - and nearly is this time. Lex begins his investigation of exactly what happened when Clark and he fell off that bridge. The theme of whether Clark should play football goes back to John Byrne's version and the theme of whether it would be dangerous for someone with his strength to play football goes back before Siegel and Schuster to Philip Wylie's Gladiator.

See also here.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Alan Moore Interview

Friday, 29 July 2016

Smallville: Wrath

Superman, a modern myth, draws on ancient myths. Siegel and Shuster wanted him to be like Samson and Hercules. In Smallville: Wrath:

Lionel compares Clark and Lana to Samson and Delilah;

Lex compares himself to St Paul;

Chloe compares Lana to the goddess, Isis.

Clark has to wind up with Lois and against Lex even though he starts out with Lana and friendly with Lex. In Wrath, he starts to question what he knows about Lana. Lex's mission is to protect Earth from alien invaders, including Kryptonians.

In previous episodes:

If Lara and Kara were able to visit Earth via a "portal," then why did Kal-El and Kara later need spaceships?
What is the status of Kryptonian constructs of dead people?

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Returning Actors

I am watching Smallville Season 7 too quickly to post about individual episodes. It becomes evident that we have seen certain actors before:

two previous Superman actors play new characters, one a mentor to Clark, the other a villain;

the actor who played Lana Lang in a Christopher Reeve film plays Martha Kent;

the actor who played Wonder Woman on TV plays Chloe Sullivan's mother;

the actor who played Supergirl in a feature film plays Lara and later played Supergirl's step-mother on TV;

I have been told that the actor who played a dying elderly woman conned by Lex Luthor at the beginning of Superman Returns had played Lana Lang in the 1950s;

I think I have missed one.

Friday, 22 July 2016

Dishonesty In Smallville

Smallville is about the destructive consequences of dishonesty.

Jonathan Kent
Clark Kent
Lionel Luthor
Lex Luthor
Lana Lang-Luthor
Oliver Queen

Martha Kent
Pete Ross
Chloe Sullivan
James Olsen

I am not sure about Lois Lane and various others.

The dishonesty involved in a secret identity is transformed into a tragedy of Greek proportions, motivating the conflict between Superman and Lex Luthor.