Monday, 22 July 2013

DC Superhero Films

DC Superhero Films So Far

a Superman trilogy
3 sequels: 2 Superman films; 1 Supergirl
a Superman reboot

a Batman tetralogy
a Batman trilogy

Green Lantern

+ some lesser known/lower budget productions

Wonder Woman (in her non-super powered period)
2 Swamp Thing films
Steel (a Superman spin-off)
Catwoman (a Batman villainess)
Justice League (post-Crisis team) (I have merely been told about this one)

Next to come is a Superman-Batman team-up in which the rebooted Superman (see above) meets a rebooted Batman. This would have made more sense as a trilogy. After that, I believe that we expect the Justice League which would be Superman, Batman,Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and three others. It would have made more sense if they had each had at least one film first. Marvel is way ahead with its Movieverse.

In the Batman tetralogy (see above), Metropolis is mentioned and Robin appears in the third installment, Superman is mentioned and Batgirl appears in the fourth. It takes a lot longer for everything to happen on the big screen.