Wednesday, 6 April 2016


Samael is the ruler of Hell in Elliot S Maggin's Superman novel, Miracle Monday, and was the angelic name of Neil Gaiman and Mike Carey's Lucifer Morningstar.

A mythological Samael is mated with Lilith whereas the Gaiman/Carey version is mated with a daughter of Lilith. These comics are deeply embedded in Biblical and other Jewish mythology.

Read comics and the Bible! - including Judge Dredd and the Book of Judges. The latter includes a strong man with a fatal weakness, Samson.

Link To Miracle Monday

Miracle Monday

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

The Last Son Of Krypton

This novel involves Albert Einstein in Superman's origin story but otherwise reflects the comics continuity of the late 70's:

the Kents were elderly when they found Kal-El;
they retired from farming to run a shop and died when Clark was a teenager;
he was Superbaby and Superboy before Superman;
Lana's mother edited the Smallville newspaper;
Jules and Arlene Luthor, their teenage son, Lex, and their infant daughter, Lena, moved into a house on Merrillees Lane, Smallville, in the week when Superboy revealed himself;
Galaxy Communications has bought the Daily Planet which now operates from the sixth floor of the Galaxy building;
Morgan Edge, president of Galaxy Communications, has made Clark Kent a TV news reader and editor;
Steve Lombard is a sports broadcaster;
Lex Luthor regularly alternates between prison and a penthouse hideout;
Clark simulates incompetence;
Superman has FTL interstellar capacity;
the galaxy is full of both humanoids and alien ET's;
Superman can press coal into diamond;
Krypton's sun is Antares;
it is not called "Rao";
the Guardians of the Universe have deprived one of their number of immortality.


From the start, Superman proliferated through every available medium and has continued to do so.

comic books
newspaper comic strips
prose fiction

a stage musical
cinema serials
live action TV series
feature films
role-playing games


Some Important Dates
1938  Action Comics, no 1
1978  Superman: Last Son Of Krypton, a novel by Elliot S Maggin
          the first Christopher Reeve film
1986  the "last Superman story" by Alan Moore
          a new Superman by John Byrne
         The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller
2001- Smallville TV series
2016  Batman v. Superman: The Dawn Of Justice

This is my list of high points. I have skipped over:

many comics;
Maggin's second novel;
five other feature films;
three other live action TV series;

The 2016 film is a:

Justice League prequel;
Death of Superman story -

- and the second installment of the second Superman feature film series. In it, the first cinematic Wonder Woman meets the second cinematic Superman and the third cinematic Batman.

Monday, 4 April 2016

The Three Story-Telling Media

Hearing and sight are our main senses for learning and communicating. Metaphorically, we hear the word and see the light. Literally, we hear spoken words and see written words and pictures although, in Braille, written words are felt. Extra speakers and actions transformed heard narrative into seen and heard drama although radio drama is merely heard. Although one picture can sometimes tell a story, a sequence of pictures can tell a longer story. Therefore, extra pictures transformed representational art into sequential art. The three story-telling media are:

narrative - sung/chanted/spoken or written/printed;
drama - stage, street, screen, radio/audio;
sequential art - mainly comic strips.

A story is narrated, enacted or depicted;
characters are described, performed or drawn;
a novel tells readers what to imagine;
a film script tells actors what to say and do and instructs cameramen;
a comic script tells a penciller what to draw, a letterer what to write and a colorist how to color - the pencilled page shows the inker what to ink.

The complete synthesis might be a screened comic strip in which some panels can be animated with sound. The audience would see static and moving pictures and read and hear words, thus fully engaging both senses.

Friday, 1 April 2016

Batman-Superman SPOILERS

What's not to like?

There is good continuity from The Man Of Steel.

Supes sees Bats as a vigilante and Bats, like Luthor, sees Supes as an alien threat.

We see what it would be like to be in Metropolis during a superhero fight - like being in New York on 9/11. Buildings collapse. Something fast flies past.


starts rich with hair but winds up bald in prison;
researchs methumans;
creates Doomsday from his and Zod's DNA;
gets Superman's attention by pushing Lois off a building;
knows of an approaching interstellar threat - who?

Zod makes a difference even when dead.

These are only first impressions.