Tuesday, 5 April 2016

The Last Son Of Krypton

This novel involves Albert Einstein in Superman's origin story but otherwise reflects the comics continuity of the late 70's:

the Kents were elderly when they found Kal-El;
they retired from farming to run a shop and died when Clark was a teenager;
he was Superbaby and Superboy before Superman;
Lana's mother edited the Smallville newspaper;
Jules and Arlene Luthor, their teenage son, Lex, and their infant daughter, Lena, moved into a house on Merrillees Lane, Smallville, in the week when Superboy revealed himself;
Galaxy Communications has bought the Daily Planet which now operates from the sixth floor of the Galaxy building;
Morgan Edge, president of Galaxy Communications, has made Clark Kent a TV news reader and editor;
Steve Lombard is a sports broadcaster;
Lex Luthor regularly alternates between prison and a penthouse hideout;
Clark simulates incompetence;
Superman has FTL interstellar capacity;
the galaxy is full of both humanoids and alien ET's;
Superman can press coal into diamond;
Krypton's sun is Antares;
it is not called "Rao";
the Guardians of the Universe have deprived one of their number of immortality.

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