Friday, 23 August 2013

Smallville: Tempest

I have finally watched the final episode of the first season of Smallville.

Lionel thinks that his relationship with Lex is based on trust but Lex says that it is based on lies and deceit and therefore cannot last. He thinks it is good that his relationship with Clark is not like that. Here, the script writers carefully lay the basis for the myth of Superman and Lex Luthor, showing that the conflict is not all down to Luthor.

Whitney joins the Marines. I know that he dies in combat but am not sure whether this is his last appearance in the series. When Clark runs at super speed to find Lana, he is running out on Chloe but keeping his promise to Whitney to look after Lana.

Lionel thinks that Lex has trained for long enough in Smallville so he closes the Smallville Luthorcorp plant.
That is fairly drastic.

We first read about Superman in a comic strip. Metropolitans and Smallvilleans might first read about him in a sensationalist tabloid. That is appropriate.

It is cool that the theme song is performed at the Spring Ball in this First Season Final Episode. The singer looks a bit like Lex.

Will Lex turn bad at this point and let his father die?
Will this be the start of Lexcorp splitting off from Luthorcrop?
Will Clark fly to save Lana from the tornado that has seized her car?
Will the journalist who knows far too much conveniently die in the storm? (I imagine so.)

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