Monday, 9 December 2013

One Long Story

When does the Sandman story begin and end?

(i) In the prologue to Volume 2, but in prehistory, Morpheus condemns Nada to Hell.

(ii) Before Volume 1, he is weakened by a mission to another world. (The story of that mission is being recounted in a current series.)

(iii) In Volume 1, he is imprisoned and his tools stolen but, by the end of the volume, he has escaped and recovered the tools.

(iv) By the end of Volume 2, he has recovered the four arcana who had escaped from his realm in his absence but has also begun to interact with Lyta Hall and her son, Daniel.

(v) By the end of Volume 4, he has freed Nada.

(vi) By the end of Volume 7, he has killed his son, Orpheus.

(vii) In Volume 9, his killing of his son enables Lyta to unleash the Furies, which leads to the replacement of Morpheus by Daniel.

I have skipped over several important details here but this is a brief attempt to locate a beginning, an ending and the path between them.

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