Saturday, 23 January 2016

Superman: The Movie

We are watching the first five Superman films on dvd.

In the first film:

(i) Luthor is still a criminal mastermind with a secret hideout, not a corrupt billionaire with an L-shaped skyscraper. At the end, he goes to prison, not back to his penthouse.

(ii) The Kents are still elderly when they find Clark. Jonathan dies before Clark begins his costumed identity.

(iii) The costume and the "S" symbol are Kryptonian in origin, not designed by Martha. The "S" and "Superman" are a coincidence.

(iv) Several absurdities must be accepted for their period charm but should not be repeated in later films. The absurdities are not as obtrusive as I had feared.

(v) We instantly recognize Supes, Kent, Lane and Luthor in the poster. Kent looks dated with his hat.

(vi) This is the beginning of Luthor's interest in real estate.

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