Sunday, 23 October 2016

Smallville: Beginnings

I rewatched the very first dvd. We see familiar people and places for the very first time. We see Lionel reading the Planet with a headline about the disappearance of the Queen Industries CEO. Then we see him talking to a guy who must be Pete's father.

Everyone looks younger. Life is simpler. Innocence will be lost. This image is iconic about Clark and Lex. Martha says that, wherever the child's parents are, they are not in Kansas: Wizard Of Oz reference.

The whole trip about meteors not only weakening Clark but also empowering others starts. Smallville High has a Principal who will later be killed - and nearly is this time. Lex begins his investigation of exactly what happened when Clark and he fell off that bridge. The theme of whether Clark should play football goes back to John Byrne's version and the theme of whether it would be dangerous for someone with his strength to play football goes back before Siegel and Schuster to Philip Wylie's Gladiator.

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