Sunday, 25 December 2016

Different Versions

Comics, films and TV are three media. Superheroes is a genre. By changing continuities and spreading to other media, superheroes gives us different versions of familiar characters. I am watching Arrow, rewatching Smallville, rereading Mike Grell's Green Arrow and have just reread Andy Diggle's Green Arrow Year One. Thus, I am appreciating four versions of one character.

In Grell's version, Howard Hill, and others, were on the yacht that Oliver Queen fell off. In Diggle's version, only Hackett and Ollie were on the yacht and Hackett threw the unconscious Ollie off the yacht but before that Ollie had told Hackett that Howard Hill had trained him as a kid. In GAY1, the yacht is the Pacific Queen and is in the Pacific whereas, in Arrow, a ship called the Queen's Gambit is sabotaged and sunk in some other ocean that is specified.

In Arrow, Ollie operates not from an Arrow Cave under the Queen mansion but from a disused Queen Industries building. In this version, he returns from the island to a complicated family and social scene:

mother's new husband
younger sister
former girlfriend
former girlfriend's hostile father
former girlfriend's colleague and friend
deceased father's former business associates who must be brought to justice

This is a good version but also a completely different one.

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