Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Miracle Monday III

Elliot S. Maggin's Miracle Monday, like the fourth Superman film, shows Superman acting against nuclear weapons. What better use of Kryptonian powers?

I wasn't quite clear how the demon was defeated but it was because Superman had decisively resisted the temptation. There was no point in continuing to use Kristin's body to wreak harm if Superman consistently refused to kill it. Thus, John Milton's Paradise Regained is only about the temptations of Christ because Christ decisively establishes his Messiahship and defeats Satan by resisting the temptations. His public ministry and its conclusion are merely the working out of the consequences of this already won victory.

People celebrate without knowing why. This seems appropriate. Kristin realizes that there is good even in Luthor and confirms that, in Maggin's version of Superman's future, Supes and Lex will be friends again some day. Miracle Monday is the ultimate feel good book.

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