Sunday, 12 August 2012

Politics And Dream II

What did Sandman say about the limits of political power?

Augustus' power could not prevent him from wanting the Empire to decline.

Haroun al Raschid's power could not make the fabulous age of Baghdad last forever in the waking world.

Robespierre could not kill a myth.

An Indian king killed his wife and her lover but had not been able to prevent them from becoming lovers.

Prez the Teen President achieved the seemingly impossible but was not President forever.

Shakespeare helped to translate the King James Bible but really worked for the King of Dreams.

The Emperor of the United States wielded no power but captured the popular imagination.

It is better to prevent ecclesiastical and political power from combining.

The story about Haroun al Raschid, "Ramadan" in Sandman 50, is a perfect example of an imaginative writer spinning a story from what seems like an obvious premise when it is stated. If we imagine that the fabulous age of Baghdad once existed exactly as described, then why is it not still here now?

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