Saturday, 25 August 2012

The Boys II

Garth Ennis credibly and beautifully shows a loving, mutually enjoyable, relationship starting, then snowballing, between two people, Hughie and Annie, who meet on a bench in Central Park. (For Annie, see The Boys no 15 cover. For Hughie, see Simon Pegg.) He then shows how, later, each finds it hard to cope with the other's past and the relationship is tested beyond its breaking point.

But how does the story end? I don't know yet. One or two more issues to go. But:

Annie is a superhero;
Hughie's boss, Butcher, is now trying to kill every superhero;
with all their colleagues dead, it seems that Hughie will have to go up against Butcher but we would not expect Hughie to win against that mad bastard;
will Annie find out, intervene and tip the balance between Hughie and Butcher?

That is my best guess at how the story might end but I cannot anticipate Garth Ennis' scripts.

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