Monday, 17 June 2013


Clark Kent begins in Smallville and I think that any new adaptation should start there.

If Krypton must be part of the myth, then I suggest that the story of Kryptonians should begin when the god Rao rescues a band of shipwrecked Terrestrials, transports them to the harsh environment of a Kryptonian plateau, the lower surface being uninhabitable, and guides their evolution so that their bodily form remains unchanged but its efficiency increases to cope with higher gravity, denser atmosphere and greater extremes of heat and cold, Rao's purpose being to breed a hero who will return to Earth when Krypton is destroyed.

This is one of two explanations of why Kryptonians exactly resemble white North Americans that I elucidated in an earlier post, "Getting Superman Right." I envisage a Krypton series and a Smallville series running in parallel, the former covering the history of a planet and ending when Kal-El is launched towards Earth, the latter covering Clark's childhood, youth and move to Metropolis and ending when he dons the costume for the first time: two prequels to Superman.

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