Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Man Of Steel Film (Spoilers)

A good different version of the story. My daughter, Aileen, thought that the early scenes were much better than the Smallville TV series.

Not Perry White but Perry Black!

At the end, is Lois taken in by the Clark Kent disguise or does she just pretend to be, to preserve appearances? Imagine if she knew all along but was just pretending not to. Does she say, "Welcome to the Planet," or "Welcome to the planet"? (10/7/13: Of course, she already know he was Clark Kent, having tracked him to Smallville.)

"Superman - that's what people are calling the alien." Good line.

We notice a Lexcorp van in Metropolis so we expect Luthor to be the villain in the sequel, now that Zod is dead - deliberately killed by Supes? I would say that Supes had no choice but, on the other hand, killing is supposed to be the one thing that he doesn't do. This is the Dark Superman.

The Kryptonian colonies dying out because cut off from Krypton doesn't make sense. They had their own planetary resources, otherwise why colonize them? Jorel's technological ghost has become a feature of different continuities but requires more explanation.

Supes is indiscreet in telling the Army guy that he grew up in Kansas. That would enable Military Intelligence to follow the same trail that Lois did if they hadn't already.

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