Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Smallville: Dichotic

This is a good image of Chloe and Lana both looking suspiciously at Clark while he watches them with another guy.

Lana settles into the Sullivan household. That guy that Lana's aunt went to Metropolis with does seem to have been a one-off character.

I thought that Lex's road rage was out of character at this stage of his career and that he would turn out to be a mutant duplicate or under the influence of meteor radiation or etc.

The doctor he gets interested in looks familiar.

After Chloe and Lana have apologized to Clark at the end, neither of them seems happy when he says that he wants to be just friends.

Martha is finding it difficult to combine Kent farm life with working for a Luthor so her days with Lionel may be numbered.

Googling reveals that our villain will return, only to be killed, in Season Three. He has seen Clark use his powers to rescue both Chloe and Lana although both girls were too preoccupied or out of it to notice.

Pete does a good comic routine sarcastically helping Clark to look around a school workshop until a murdered body falls on top of him.

Clark designs a familiar-looking "S" for the Smallville High logo.

The closing scene is superb: simply Clark exiting the Talon and walking along Smallville Main Street at night.

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