Sunday, 2 February 2014

Smallville: Ryan

In "Stray," a telepath learned Clark's secret and did not die at the end of the episode but, in this episode, that telepath, Ryan, returns and does die at the end. Clark uses his powers to try to save Ryan's life but is not successful.

Clark wants a surgeon in Hub City (another DC Universe location) to operate on Ryan's brain so he runs there. The surgeon is on a plane that has just started to move down the runway. Will Clark fly? No, but he does run and stand in front of the plane, obliging the pilot to stop.

 Before dying, Ryan warns Clark to watch Lex. In "Stray," Lex had defied Lionel by staying in Smallville. Now, he runs LexCorp and defies the corrupt Mayor of Smallville by backing his opponent. Unfortunately, we expect the future Lex Luthor to be involved in corruption.

We have not been seeing Dean but he is in the background. He and Nan will move to Metropolis but Lana will stay with the Sullivans.

Lex asks Clark how he sprung Ryan from the secure facility where he was being held in Metropolis. There is no way that Clark can stop Lex from being suspicious and the deception should have ended a long time ago.

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