Friday, 31 January 2014

Smallville: Lineage

Family issues in this episode:

Chloe's estranged mother;
Lana's possible father;
Clark's self-proclaimed mother;
Lex's unknown half-brother;
something relevant in the Greek drama that Clark and friends are studying.

The attached image shows the Kents and Luthors traveling together, including the future Superman and Lex Luthor. Lionel went to pieces when he had to handle a human problem.

This is like what used to happen in the old Superman and Superboy comics: we suddenly learn a whole lot more details for the origin story, but here it is done a lot better. The origins of Clark Kent and of the Luthors' involvement in Smallville are inextricably intertwined. How the Kents faked Clark's adoption is explained. Deceit, including Luthor deceit, was basic to the process. There is a good reason for Jonathan's disenchantment with Lionel.

How was the Smallville Sheriff made to look so much younger for his part in the origin story?

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