Thursday, 2 January 2014

Smallville: Heat

"Heat" is the second episode of the Smallville TV series, Season 2. This is a neat way for so-called "heat vision" to manifest. Clark gets hot, unintentionally causes fires and has to learn how to control this new power.

The villainess, Desire, is from Smallville so we guess that her power of persuasion is meteoric in origin although this is not made explicit.

How many marriages will Lex Luthor have? Maybe about seven if he follows the John Byrne-Marv Wolfman model, but Desire does not count as the first because Lex gets an annulment, not a divorce. We do not see what is happening with Lex's recently blinded father but that must be returned to soon.

I can't see why Clark doesn't fall for Chloe, especially since she is available, which Lana isn't. With each episode, we feel that the relationships between the characters are moving imperceptibly towards what we know will happen post-Smallville. The later seasons should have been called Metropolis.

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