Thursday, 16 January 2014

More On Marvel Comics Miracleman no 1

(The attached image is the cover of Eclipse Comics Miracleman no 1. There never was a Marvelman no 1 because Marvelman continued the numbering of the Captain Marvel British reprints.)

Marvel Comics Miracleman no 1 (New York, 2014) contains, after the front cover and a contents page:

the first two short Marvelman episodes from Warrior as they had been republished by Eclipse, on smaller pages, colored, but here recolored, and with the character's superhero name changed;
three black and white Marvelman stories;
a Marvelman Family story that, renamed Miracleman Family, had been colored and re-presented as a Prologue to the Eclipse Miracleman no 1 and is presented thus here;
some art work;
an article explaining the origin of Marvelman, illustrated by pages of Marvelman;
extracts from an interview with the since deceased Mick Anglo, illustrated with photographs.

Thus, this is a combination of a comic book and a magazine. It is good to be able to compare and contrast Marvelman with Miracleman although I would have preferred more of the latter.

A caption in the large introductory panel of each Marvelman story summarizes the fictitious origin of the character, twice referring to MICKY MORAN as "...a Boy...," then referring to MARVELMAN as "...a Man..." The caption informs us that, when MICKY MORAN "...says the Key Word KIMOTA, he becomes MARVELMAN, a Man of such strength and powers that he is invincible and indestructible." (pp. 42, 48, 58).

So it doesn't sound as if he will ever experience any difficulty in defeating his opponents?

The perspective and quality of the writing in Miracleman could not be more different. The adult, married Moran thinks:

"If only I could remember that damn word. Kimono? No. Komodo? No. Krakatoa? No. Jesus, this headache." (p. 14)

We soon realize that we are reading a character who both remembers the old Marvelman stories from the inside and inhabits the same world as us - until, inevitably, he changes that world into something new and strange.

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